Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yaaa does the right thing.

A formal response to 

 I don’t know what’s more atrocious; the stilted hosts, their cloying attitude or the generic, reductive and uninformative reviews. Why make videos that pander to the layman? They truly don’t care enough to even do the most cursory of research. And if they did, they’d read a thorough Wiki long before they happened upon your reviews. Why the nebulous category of “geek?” That’s not an actual demographic. The content itself is haphazardly assembled to meet the expectations of the geek, aspiring geek or whatever. Geeks, as you’ve so broadly defined them, don’t really exist. Geeks are particular in their tastes; geeks are voracious, obsessive consumers of “culture.” These videos won’t do anything for them. So who is the target audience here? There’s a perfunctory attempt to be topical but no true forethought in any of this.

Specifically with Marvel, any fan knows that the movies take many liberties with the source material, so much so that the characterizations (sloppy) of the heroes rarely resemble their comic counterparts. The alternative is writers who attempt to consolidate years of continuity into a two-hour movie, the sum of which is usually a by-the-numbers plot and two-dimensional characters. Intimate, or even a working knowledge of the MU, should be left at the ticket counter, lest you be sorely disappointed.

All this being said, you can’t be making these reviews sincerely nor can you be operating out of good faith. This is a cynical cash grab meant to pander to the lowest common denominator. This is the end result of the rush to monetize all content, original or otherwise. As an actual geek, I find this sort of unseemly and offensive.

Monday, April 16, 2012

ball street jailout volume three

it was sort of cute
run away from the world
i got nowhere to go

i appreciate white people
they attune me to "the reality"
i resent reality or
i have a paid subscription
thus my perspective is invalid

black people still have to
prove they are worth a damn

i forgive every white girl
i have ever fucked

i assured you i was worth a shit
i convinced you that the president's father
was a CIA asset in the nineteen seventies
i did not expect you to believe me

i shout in my sleep
never in my dreams
everything is so dangerous

i threw a rock at a little boy
on his bike because he was going
too fast

strange things grown men
call transgressions

Sunday, December 4, 2011

super k

"leave the
radio on

this car is not
a democracy"

the thump
of my belly

hustlers round
the corner

who look but
never listen

the color
of money

"there should be
a western union
in every ghetto"

Monday, November 28, 2011


Stillborn, wake warm
To the smell
Of fetid water

Pineal putty
Pumped, primed
Ripe, ready
Fester free

Wild cuckoo!
Howl long
Linger heavy

The strophes that
Mark your pulse


Weak, unwanted
Lacks a steady hand
Too meek to be
Any sort of a man

Some could say
He was born
That way

Purpose sought
Cash default



The pursuit of denial

Carry, conceal
The capacity to
Cheat, steal, kill

Displaced among the
Prospects of
Each other

A casualty
Of coincidence

Reflexes defective
Another invalid
Approaching extinction

The defunct satisfaction
That death portends

A relapse
Of being


head nod
sophists that
insist to exist
sincerity that gives
me the creeps

considerate, deliberate
I am
all of this

a warm penetration
warning shot
who forgets
to feed himself

sour meat
gone bad in
the goo of
her womb

I was never meant
to last this long